The increasing use of smartphones and tablets has resulted in an increasing demand for the translation of mobile apps. Localising mobile appsmeans translating them in a way that’s adapted to the preferences and requirements of another geographical target group.

At Kalliopé, we specialise in the translation and localisation of mobile apps and have worked with companies in the medical, cosmetic, tourist, environmental and banking sectors. Your mobile app will be translated to match the expectations of your target audience and the various cultural norms of the target country.

There are many factorsthat need to be taken into account when translating a mobile app:

  • Translating the mobile app interface;
  • Translating user manuals and dialogues;
  • Translating guides;
  • Translating the description for the app store;
  • Complying with your corporate identity.

The mobile app translator has to take into account technical aspects such as character limits, while also master the terminology used for this type of content. Other things to be taken into account are the specific requirements of the target language as well as cultural differences between the source and target languages.