Website translation

Today, more than 50% of sales take place online. Your website must be well translated if you want to safeguard your position on the market. By having a multilingual website , you can increase your visibility and attract new clients.

Get in touch with our translation agency and start localising your website in English, German, Chinese, or any other language!

Our specialised tools enable us to insert the translation directly into the CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, among others.

IT and ICT translation;/  :
software and mobile app translation

This includes translating software, mobile apps as well as product specifications, d’calls for tender, notices or user manuals in the IT and communications sector.

Mobile app translation

Every day, we use mobile apps on our smartphones or tablets and we can’t live without them. Whether checking the weather, the news, social media, etc. – these apps are now part of our daily routine. In a massive, competitive market, a proper translation is key. Kalliopé guarantees the highest level of quality for the translation of your mobile appsto attract the best audience.

Software translation

Improve your software localisation to make it available to the as many people as possible. Now more than ever, software companies are looking for specialised, reliable translators to ensure their product is a accessible globally thanks to the highest standard of translation.