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The ISO 17100 standard: definition

This is the first quality standard designed especially for translation agencies.

The ISO 17100 standard “includes provisions for translation service providers (TSPs) concerning the management of core processes, minimum qualification requirements, the availability and management of resources, and other actions necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.”

By entrusting Kalliopé, an ISO 17100 certified agency, with all your requests, you are guaranteed a high-quality translation.

ISO 17100 certified quality service

Kalliope is proud to have obtained the ISO 17100 certification. Our teams cannot wait to help you with your translation projects!

The ISO 17100 standard governs all stages of the translation process:

  • Ressources and linguists: all linguists involved in the translation projects have the required professional qualifications and skills;
  • Project set-up: processing the quote, drafting a contract, processing the information, administrative and management activities;
  • Production process: managing the translation process, translating the documents, client relations;
  • Quality control: review, proofreading, corrections, change management, etc.;

Our quality commitment is client oriented.

Our priority is to provide you with a translation that fully complies with the regulations of and recent developments in the professional translation field.