Our interpreting services

Whether you’re looking for simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpretation, our international network of professional interpreters can assist you with all languages and language combinations for your events, conferences, board meetings, seminars, interviews, site visits, etc. We can advise you on the most appropriate type of interpretation and provide you with the necessary equipment, such as soundproof booths, headphones, etc.

Simultaneous interpretation

Professional interpreters translate in real time while the speaker is speaking in the source language. Interpreters translate into their native languages. They usually sit in soundproof booths while the listeners have headphones on and can follow what is being said with almost no lag. This type of interpretation works for conferences, seminars or important meetings, among others.

Consecutive interpretation

Interpreters sit close to the speaker and listen, then translate what has been said at regular intervals. Consecutive interpretation requires a high level of focus, which is why interpreters only work for a limited period of time. For anything over 45 minutes, we provide teams of two interpreters, to ensure a high standard of translation. This type of interpretation is used for meetings, interviews and site visits, among others.

Whispered interpretation

This kind of interpretation is also known as chuchotage. It is used to translate for one person in a small group where different languages are spoken. The professional interpreter has to be flexible while also being an expert in the subject area. The goal is to establish the best link possible between speakers, so the interpreter may ask questions or requests clarifications in order to provide the most appropriate translation, usually in the context of the following:

  • Professional meetings;
  • Site visits (companies, factories, etc.);
  • Airport meet-ups;
  • Employee meetings (hire or dismissal);
  • Negotiations between partners

Our professional interpreters

Our interpreters are linguists who specialise in a sector and language combination. They are trained in different interpretation techniques and are agile thinkers, with outstanding analytical skills as well as technical and language skills.

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