Marketing et communication translation

Ever since it was created, Kalliopé has specialised in marketing and communication translations. We work with corporate marketing, communications and press departments as well as marketing agencies. Many of our translators have previously worked in-house for these services. Our translators translate exclusively into their native languages, and are experienced at conveying the subtlest message into their target audiences.

We translate all of your communication materials, including printed, online and audiovisual material. We rely on our team of experts to also assist you with the technical management of your project, including DTP, subtitling and voice-off, among others, to provide a comprehensive, high-quality service.

We can also provide you with interpreters for your events.

E-learning translation

Training methods are constantly evolving. Remote training is booming. Training departments are increasingly relying on e-learning modules to train employees, who can now fit training around their schedules and continue learning in the long term. This encourages them to become more involved in their work and with their company.

Thanks to e-learning modules, training teams can instill corporate culture by using interactive content that can be translated into many languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, etc. By using a translation agency that specialises in e-learning,you ensure the highest standard of multilingual online training content.