Quality translations

At Kalliopé we are proud to provide you with quality translations no matter the type or format of your file.
Our Paris-based agency provides translation into a wide range of languages. We translate into the most common European languages, such as English, German, Spanish and Italian, but we are alsoexperts in many other languageslike Arabic and Japanese.

Professional specialised translators

Our team is made up of professional translators, with extensive training and experience in the language sector.

Our translators translate exclusively into their native languages. From grammar to vocabulary and beyond, they are attuned to all linguistic subtleties of their mother tongues.

They are also experts in their specific fields, and master all the corresponding language and technical vocabulary.

At Kalliopé, a contract will always be translated by a lawyer, a clinical study by a doctor, a press release by an editor, etc.

Dedicated project managers

Our experienced project managers are all specialised trained translators, who oversee your translation projects from when you approve the quote until the translation is delivered. They rely on their extensive know-how to select the most appropriate resources for your project and ensure that the translation meets your highest expectations.

Sector-specific translation

In order to support your international development, our translation agency is organised into separate departments:

  • Legal translation;
  • Financial translation;
  • Beauty and luxury sector translation;
  • Scientific and medical translation;
  • Marketing and communication translation;
  • Tourism sector translation;
  • Website and new technologies translation.