We have set up specialised translation departments to meet all your translation requirements.
Whether you’re looking for a technical, legal or medical translation, we make sure that your project is handled by a professional translator who specialises in your business sector.
At Kalliopé, a contract will always be translated by a lawyer, a clinical study by a doctor, a press release by an editor, etc.
What’s more, all of our linguists translate exclusively into their native language, so quality is guaranteed!

Legal translation

There is an increased demand for legal translations. Thanks to its team of specialised legal transaltors, Kalliopé can assist you with translating and localising your legal documents.

Financial translation

Our translation agency specialises in financial translations. To ensure a high standard of quality, financial documents must be translated by linguists with a background in finance, who master industry terminology and standards. Our financial translators are specialised in the field and guarantee an outstanding level of quality for your translations.

Scientific and medical translation

Scientific and medical translation is a complex field that requires a high level of accuracy and specific industry knowledge. Given these strict requirements, we only select highly qualified medical translators who are experts in the field, in order to guarantee faithful and accurate translations.

Beauty and luxury translation

The luxury and beauty sectors require more than simple translation. Our translators and copywriters are experts in language adaptation, translation-adaptation and transcreation, and can adapt your content to your target audience. Our high-quality standards ensure that you receive a customised service to increase your international visibility.

Marketing et communication translation

Kalliopé’s translators and copywriters can adapt your marketing and communication material to their native languages. Product or service launches, press releases, recommendations, marketing or communication strategies … our Paris-based team has access to teams of experienced translators in all languages.

Tourism sector translation

The tourism sector is booming. Kalliopé can help you connect and communicate with your international partners to facilitate your development and let you take advantage of all the opportunities this sector has to offer.

Website and new technologies translation

Our specialised translators can localise your website in the languages spoken by your target audience.