Luxury sector translation :

High standards are a must for the luxury sector as they are for the fashion, haute cuisine and beauty sectors. Haute Joaillerie, Haute Horlogerie, leather goods, gastronomy, wine and spirits all belong to the luxury sector. When launching a new product, entrust our specialised translators with your marketing, communication or e-learning material, for meticulous, high quality translations. We can faithfully translate your printed and digital material so that your brand’s image can be perfectly transposed on the international stage.

Taylor-made translation for the fashion sector :

The fashion sector is particularly cosmopolitan and requires translators to know and use a very specific vocabulary. Prêt-à-porter or Haute Couture, shoes, sports clothes, children’s or adult clothing: each brand has its own identity, and translators must find a way to lconvey it.

Requests from this sector are usually formarketing and communication translations, and the deadlines are always very tight.. We make a point of honour of delivering our translations on time without compromising on quality .

Translation for the cosmetics industry  is more than a simple translation

For many years, Kalliopé has worked closely with large international groups and luxury brands in the cosmetics and fragrance industry.

Our professional translators specialise in the beauty and cosmetics sector and have gained the trust of brands in this industry for their accurate and elegant translations. Whether for websites, brochures or training materials, the language used in this sector is extremely specialised.

The international marketing of your beauty, makeup and fragrance productsrelies on material that’s perfectly translated localised.

Here are some examples of what we translate:

  • Product launches;
  • Press releases;
  • Communication and marketing materials;
  • E-learning materials;
  • Product descriptions, etc.