Legal translation :
a demanding and specialised service

Legal translation is a complex field that requires a perfect knowledge of legal vocabulary in all languages. We encourage you to reach out to a professional legal translation agency such as ours to ensure that your international documents are perfectly translated. Legal translation agencies have the professional know-how to tackle legal texts and rely on teams of specialist translators who translate exclusively into their native languages.

We run strict quality control checks on all our legal translations.

Here are some examples of the legal texts we translate:

  • Contracts;
  • Specific clauses (confidentiality, non-competition) ;
  • Arbitration documents;
  • Litigation documents ;
  • Annual accounts, balance sheets;
  • Subpoenas;
  • Patents;
  • General terms and conditions;
  • Regulations ;
  • Expert reports;
  • Articles of association;
  • Agreements;
  • Copyright documents;
  • Court decisions.

Legal translators at your service

Our legal translators specialise in specific areas such as corporate law, litigation, industrial property, etc. They either have a legal background or they have studied legal translation at master’s level, and they are committed to providing you with accurate translations while maintaining their confidentiality.

Certified translations

Sometimes translations need to be certified by court-registered translators. Certified translators both translate documents and certify them to be true so that they can be submitted to public offices, courts, ministries, etc.
We offer certified translations in a wide range of languages.